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VTBExchange offers an all-encompassing set of services focused on sustaining financial growth and reliability.

VTBExchange offers an all-encompassing set of services focused on sustaining financial growth and reliability. It has a wide range of financial solutions that integrate into a comprehensive platform that allows for better management of financial decision-making processes. Whether our users seek financial independence through predictable investment or seek ways to empower their business growth, VTBExchange is a reliable solution to competently plan and manage financial operations across all commercial and personal components.

As a service provider, VTBExchange focuses on supporting individuals and organizations with different solutions tuned to specific needs for an all-encompassing financial solution based on predictability and transparency, allowing for better planning and management.

Personal Finance Services offer individuals looking to benefit from the ecosystem of blockchain technologies to handle all of their financial affairs under a single banner of algorithmic finance growth. On the other hand, VTBExchange’s Corporate Finance Services is focused on serving organizations with a unified commercial ecosystem that connects consumers and businesses that wish to transact, invest, and manage their finances through blockchain applications.

Our personal and commercial services provide a unified compass to address finance innovatively, thus opening possibilities to engage in secure, transparent, and predictable banking applications that nurture financial growth and reliability through algorithmic capabilities.


Referring to the idea of replacing price discovery with an affirmation of value in a smart contract, Algorithmic Finance represents the voluntary agreement of its users on the premise aforementioned.

Using this method avoids a shortage of assets, pump & dump happenings, and price manipulation.


VTBC’s digital assets by the VTBCommunity Foundation have a predictability property that completely revamps how finance works altogether.

As a solid financial instrument, it operates liquidity with predictable returns, enabling novel financial possibilities relying on the deflationary properties of its system.


As an innovative proposal, VTBC digital assets by the VTBCommunity Foundation offer incomparable finance solutions without fees or interest and are tuned to personal and commercial use.

As the value of VTBC remains consistently growing, users can harness the power of its financial proposal in advance, serving as a primordial way for international organizations to rely on this model for their financial requirements.


VTBCommunity Foundation’s digital asset offers more solid solutions for education, mortgages, and pension funds with deflationary properties.

As the fluctuation of the value of VTBC takes place, commercial entities can empower their structure in finances which ensures liquidity, and increases the predictability and financial projection capacities through reliable trust funds.


VTBCommunity Foundation’s digital asset offers a new self-stabilized instrument through its liquidity cycle because of its predictability features and algorithmic finance model.

VTBC debt is used as collateral for each financial operation; the instrument’s value increases through liquidity injection inside the infrastructure. In this way, both merchant and individual users contribute to the asset’s value increase by using it as a payment option, thus yielding better returns for those who lend the instrument in an ever-growing healthy financial cycle.


VTBPrime was consolidated as an integrated financial system that is modern, flexible, globally available, and with extraordinary security measures in place, making it an ideal KYC/AML-compliant system. It is the VTBExchange ecosystem’s financial backbone and operates outside the chain for scalability, free of fees associated with cryptocurrency banking, and impressively fast.

VTBPrime is attuned to individual or business objectives, enabling users to conduct Peer-to-Peer instant transactions, issuing and receiving payments efficiently and securely around the world. VTBPrime amplifies financial operations by extending controlled access to employees or partners in a secure environment for corporate use.


The VTBExchange ecosystem is a solid financial solution that acts as a modern trust-based system that offers banking-as-a-service features in an easy-to-use platform.

The benefits included in the ecosystem range from multiple asset management, to debit/credit cards, international transactions, corporate banking options, and decentralized exchange capacities.


VTBPrime has its proprietary decentralized exchange that allows VTBC users to exchange their tokens for other cryptocurrencies securely and reliably without fees or waiting lines.

  • Decentralized Exchange & Payment Platform
  • VTBC, VTBT, Ethereum, USDC, USDT, and More
  • Secure Trading Solutions
  • Competitive Exchange Rates
  • Fast & Reliable Cryptocurrency Exchange 
  • Free of Blockchain & Commission Fees


VTBStore recognizes that our commercial allies (merchants) have vast contributions to the ecosystem of the VTBC asset by the VTBCommunity Foundation, driving sales and transacting with customers worldwide. Driven by the merchant network, the recurrent flow of capital into the ecosystem allows for a solid substantiation of its liquidity, enabling the VTBC rewards program and providing valuable referral fees to registered retailers as they resell VTBExchange services through their merchant page.

As a strategy to develop trust and growth among VTBC users, VTBExchange focuses on its merchant community through VTBStore Merchant Marketplace.

It empowers users with better financial solutions through robust crypto-banking protocols, payment gateways, innovative financing, and crypto-advance features with VTBPrime.

VTB Exchange Inc.


VTBExchange aims to empower our users with tools that allow them to break free of financial constrains through algorithmic solutions.

As our financial technology’s adoption expands globally, blockchain technology thrives as more organizations and individuals manage their assets more reliably, transparently, and ultimately more intelligently. Through its developments, VTBExchange inspires society to leverage the power of blockchain for a more solid financial future.


VTBExchange offers unmatched personal finance solutions through blockchain-based payment systems that directly contest with traditional banking services at more affordable rates and with security and stability in mind. We develop robust financial platforms for cryptocurrency payments with blockchain technology founded on reliability, predictability, and non-volatile attributes.

  • Personal Crypto Advance
  • Personal Plus Value Increase Benefits
  • Competitive Mortgage/Pension/Education Funds
  • Advanced E-Commerce Platform
  • International Payments with Multiple Cryptocurrencies


With a corporate finance mindset, VTBExchange, through its products and services, offers turnkey financial solutions for companies that require banking security, transaction traceability (KYC/AML), strong market growth, and international banking compliance capabilities. As a result, VTBExchange’s ecosystem enables increased profitability with cutting-edge financial technology.

  • Corporate Crypto Advance
  • Corporate Plus Value Increase Benefits
  • International Crypto-Banking Capabilities
  • Business Blockchain Integration
  • Decentralized Exchange


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